The problem with traditional bins

  • Unhygienic to pack

  • Can't find a bag

  • Untidy appearance

  • Difficult to line bag

Our patented technology solves these problems

  • Self-packing & sealing

    The self packing and heat sealing technology ensures your hands are clean, and there is no mess or odour.

  • Overload packing

    The smart sensors will detect if the bin is overfilled and lift the large lid to seal the bag, so there are no spills or leaks.

  • Automatic bag changing

    The high-speed built in fan replaces a new bag from the integrated refill ring within seconds, so there's no extra work for you.

A truly hands-free experience

✔ Self-sealing

✔ Self-changing

✔ Motion sensor lid

✔ Overload feature

✔ Integrated bin bags

✔ Large 17L capacity

Loved by thousands of customers

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