Refill Rings 6 Pack

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Each refill ring contains up to 25 durable rubbish bags. Works with the Numi B1 Smart Bin.

• 6 pack of replaceable refill rings

• Each refill ring lasts approximately one month

• Advanced sealing technology - odour and leak proof

• 100% recyclable rings

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Easy To Replace

Simply take out the empty refill ring and place in the new one. It only takes a few seconds every month, saving you time and effort.

Numi B1 Smart Bin Self Sealing Transparent

Advanced Sealing Technology

Our durable rubbish bags are leak and spill proof. The B1 seals the bag inside, guaranteeing no mess or exposure to odours.

Numi B1 Smart Bin Refill Rings 6 Packs

Long Lasting Convenience

Each 6 pack of refill rings lasts 6 to 12 months, ensuring you always have a steady supply of rubbish bags for your B1.

Numi B1 Smart Bin Change Refill Ring

Clean & Tidy Design

The refill ring seamlessly integrates into the B1 and discreetly conceals the rubbish bag for a neat and tidy appearance.

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Free Shipping Over $99

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

2-Year Warranty

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